Arthritis treatment starts with understanding.......



Basically arthritis is an inflammation in our joints.

What causes arthritis inflamation?

The cause of arthritis inflammation is when the body does not produce enough fluid (lubrication) in our joints, causing the two bones to dry connect, then to rub together and cause arthritis inflammation.

Doctors treat this depletion of joint fluid with a shot, putting fluid back into the joint.

This is a temporary fix.

When the joint fluid is used  up, you still have the same problem!

You need a continuous supply of this joint fluid to eliminate arthritis inflammation.

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What is the natural arthritis treatment that has no side effects and works?

By accident, I found the treatment to naturally put back the joint fluid - a nutrient that makes joint fluid, treating arthritis inflammation in ALL the joints of our body.  

This nutrient is found in your local grocery store and is really, really cheap.

This natural arthritis treatment was handed down from my great grandmother to my mother and finally to me.  The name of this nutrient would have been lost had my wife not had knee problems.

My wife had knee problems and she had shots in her knee.  We used magnets on her knee, which didn't work for her.  She took pain meds just to keep going.  Then my mother mentioned the name of this nutrient they had used for almost forever to put fluid back in the knee.  Mother told me how to prepare it and it worked.  The doctors were ready to do  a knee replacement but this nutrient prevented them from making all that money with surgery to put in an artificial knee to replace her damaged knee.  You can find this protocol in my e-book,  SECRET TO GOOD HEALTH.

arthritis, arthritis treatment,what is arthritis,what causes arthritis
arthritis, arthritis treatment,what is arthritis,what causes arthritis


Recently, it came to me that this nutrient could treat arthritis all over the body.

I remember now that my wife quit complaining about the aches in her other joints about the time this nutrient started to work on her knee.

I want to tell you how to treat your arthritis and make the arthritis pain go away for the rest of your life.

The information is in my e-book,  SECRET TO GOOD HEALTH  that you can download right now to start treating your arthritis.

But treating arthritis is not the only natural cure revealed in my e-book  SECRET TO GOOD HEALTH

There are many more ways to heal your body naturally.  

It seems that one ailment causes other ailments, by the first ailment using up the nutrients that causes the second ailment, that needed the same nutrients.

With my wife having one ailment after another, I did a lot of research at the library on my lunch hour at work.  My research has been over about 50 years.  I came across a lot of research, but over the last ten years, much more research has been done.  The internet has helped to spread this information the medical establishment has chosen to ignore and not to use it to heal us.

But I can understand why they don't use this information.

For instance, if there were two convenience stores on the same street and the first one you came to had gasoline for $4.00 per gallon, and five blocks down the road the second convenience store was selling gasoline for $2.00 per gallon; then the first convenience store would not tell you not to buy gasoline from him for $4.00 per gallon because the next store has gasoline for half the price.  The first store wouldn't stay in business long. 

It's the same about the information in my e-book  SECRET TO GOOD HEALTH  and the medical establishment.  Mine is much cheaper.  If everyone knew the information in my e-book, the doctors offices would have very few patients and the hospital beds would be mostly empty.

I got back to my research

I am almost 80 and had a blood test a few months back that showed a lot of bad things.  I have always been healthy until then.  I got back to my research and found that there was a world of new research to treat many diseases but the doctors didn't take advantage of this information to heal people.  They were like the first convenience store that had gasoline for $4.00 a gallon.  They had a gold mine keeping patients coming back over and over.

I found an element that could be replaced in my body by eating a certain vegetable, that would solve many of my problems.

This element, when made in the body from this vegetable, caused the plaque in my blood vessels to dissolve, and a vitamin I used, to put back this calcium into my bones.  The element also protected the fat in my blood stream so my body could use the fat for energy.  Without this element, the fat becomes rancid causing bad cholesterol which calcified in my blood vessels causing more plaque in turn making the opening in my blood vessels smaller.

This caused high blood pressure.

When this plaque was removed, the openings in my blood vessels were larger, allowing more life giving blood to flow throughout my body.  This element also caused the blood vessels to expand allowing more blood to flow throughout my body.  My heart didn't have to work as hard, giving the heart a rest.  With the reduction of plaque in my blood vessels, the nerves could send messages throughout my body so everything received the correct signal to do what the cell was supposed to do.  In addition to good health caused by this element, ED could be corrected giving us a more complete and happy life like when we were younger.

Now there is our emotional health.

I found a nutrient about 30 years ago that we shouldn't live without.  Since I first discovered this nutrient a lot of research has been done on it.  My wife used this nutrient that I now call THE GREAT MOTIVATOR.  She had small tumors in her lungs that were kept small as long as she continued to take the nutrient.  But when she decided to discontinue this nutrient,  the tumors grew and eventually killed her.  At the time I didn't realize the benefits were so great and listened to doctors.  I didn't have enough confidence to tell my wife to continue this nutrient instead of some of the medication she was taking.  What if I was wrong and she died because of me?  She died because I didn't have enough faith in what I had found out.

arthritis, arthritis treatment,what is arthritis,what causes arthritis

New research reveals the three hormones that regulate many things in our body.

Researchers tell us we have good and bad estrogen.

The bad estrogen uses our hormone testosterone to make this bad estrogen which causes havoc in our body.

This bad estrogen is reported to cause ovary and breast cancer.

When our testosterone is depleted, we lose our motivation in life, we get lazy and gain weight, and we lose interest in our mate.

Even a solution to surgically removing your swollen lymph nodes is discussed.

All you need is an herbal tea to thin the mucus so it will drain.

We need every part of our body.

We don't need surgery to remove those parts that are damaged, we need to heal them.

It has been proven that all known diseases are caused by deficiencies in certain nutrients.  You will discover how to reverse these diseases in my e-book,  SECRET TO GOOD HEALTH


Now that I have bent your ear, so to speak, it is time for your decision.  You can take advantage of the information in my e-book by clicking on the order button below or stay with your doctors and their bad solutions.

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Then all this information will be lost to you and to others who could have lost the chance to read this message of an old man and one of his roads of life.



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