One secret to good health is a WW2 Victory Vegetable Garden

Healthy living can be as simple as having a small vegetable garden in your back yard. 

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Preparation and Planting

You will need a hoe, a small tiller and a push lawn mower.  This equipment will last for years and years.

Use the tiller to make the soil for a garden.  Remove what grass you can from your garden.

Then make up the rows which should be about 1 foot tall and a couple of feet wide.  Then have a trench in the middle of the top of the row.  This is so that you will have only water this small trench instead of the whole garden.  It gives your plants more water with less water that you have to use.

Plant your seeds in this trench.  Use a root stimulator from the feed store or walmart to water in the seed.

After the seeds are planted in the trench, keep watered.  They will come up so you keep them watered every few days.  You will be amazed at how many plants will come up.  Nutrients and water are all you need.  Keep this up.

When the plants come up and start bearing fruit, whether they are beans, peas, okra, tomatoes, or other vegetables, harvest them as they mature.  Most will make and remake.

You have a choice of freezing or canning.  

Freezing may be the easiest,  but canning is the best choice; because, with freezing, if your electricity goes off you will lose your crop.

Canning should last for years in glass jars.  The jars are reusable.   You can have berries and other fruit to grow and can.

The taste will be much better and you will have much more nutrition in every jar.

You can look up on the internet for the procedures to can your crop.  

Even meat can be safely canned once you cook it.  

You don't have to have a large family to save money by buying meat, even grass-fed, in large quanties. Save money by canning your own meat, the information is here.

Have non GMO food with your own vegetable garden. Cut your food bill by raising your own backyard vegetables.  Cut your food budget.  The whole family can get the exercise by producing your own vegetables in your own backyard vegetable garden.

Have fun with the family producing vegetables in your own backyard vegetable garden.  Good luck on a healthy life.

For direction on how to use these nutritional foods in your healthy diet click here.
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